Monday, January 23, 2012


hye assalamualaikum...hehe,cpt2 jwb salam,klau x nnti dosa masuk api neraka,haha XD okeylaa,hanis sudah kembali yea dgn bende baru yg ingin disharekn kt korang2 yg sudi bace,heeee hmm,u guys phm x tajuk ak tu ape,klau phm bagus2 klau x phm meh sini cek habaq no,ceq tulis SO SAD which mean cek tgh sedih gilo2 nie,nk tau napo,meh sini cek cito no,sabaq2... citernye camni,once upon a time there was a lovely school named bainun which hidden in a lovely village in manjoi,haha,skolah nie exist lagi oke,dah hanis dah,toksah nk repek2. hmmm,as we know laa kan bile dah f4 n we got flying colours 4 PMR,4 sure laa kn kite fikir nk masuuk skolah mane plak esp 4 those in RK skuls or ordinary skuls,klau dah skul SBP or MRSM buat pe korang nk pikir nk masuk skolah mane plak kan,am i right??? hmm,ak pon ade mohon gak sbp n mrsm n unfortunatelly i did'nt get it laa,n i felt like i'm totally idiot,can u guys imagine hows my feeling when i heard that many of frenz get what they want,but 4 me,ilekkk ! hmmm,result tu kluar last friday,dlm mood ak yg hepy nk balik umah trus tukar moody tau x,1st,i didnt cry at all but after aida came to my dorm n she was crying n that's made me cried too,after that i call my mom coz i wanted 2 ask at what time did my aunt gonna take me,n u know what,she said that i didnt get sbp n mrsm,n that time jugaklaa i started to cry,my mom asked me what's wrong n my mouth was shut,i cant say anything,hmm,after calling2 tu trus ak pegi bilik rehat to calm myself but i just can't,ak cube dgr lagu mp tapi i was still crying,i was lucky coz that time there was nobody there,fuhh,n after that,i went to aida's dorm n i tell her i didnt get both of them,ak cube gaklaa control my feeling sbb my aunt will come in a ffew minutes,i can't let her know that i was crying,n luckily,she didnt notice that,hmm,sampai2 je rumah,my bro said "ana,kamu x dpt tawaran ke??",n i shouted to him "diam arr !1!",i quickly ran into my room n locked d door,i was crying like hell u know,about 1 hour lpstuu,i went 4 shower n performed zuhur's prayer,dlm doa ak lps habis solat,i started 2 cry again sampai ak leh tettido kt atas sejadah n still wearing telekung,n that evening,when my parents dah balik keje,they asked me psl tawaran tulaa,i said nothing,i just ran back to my room n yes i was crying :'( 4 d whole day,i was just like this pic
i had no mood to chit chatting with my mom like usual,i was just being in ny room n crying,sampai bengkak mate ak dibuatnye,ak on fb n my mom asked me"ana keluarlaa dari bilik tu,xnk sembang ngan mak ke,alaa,klau x dpt mane2 pon,stay kt bainun tu ok ape,dun worrylaa about ur spm,i know that u can do ur best,i trust u",hmm,menangis kot ak bace tuu,n after that ak kuatkn hati ak n ak xnk nanges dah,i need 2 be strong ,hmm alhamdulillah besoknye ak dah ok dah n mlm tu ak luahkn feelings ak dkt mak ak,thanks mom,ur d best mom that i ever have,i love u so much <3 hmmm,however,even my mom said that bainun was not that bad,i still want to move out from that skul,why??,becoz there's someone there that make's me feel bad about bainun,n only my frenz n i know who :] till now then,bubye n wish me luck for d 2nd intake,amin.....

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