Wednesday, December 8, 2010

arie nie ak tgk citer STARSTRUCK,best sesgt ! ngan cuaca yg sejuknye sbb hujan pepagi camnie tapi xpela,sbb barula best klau pepagi hujan n ak x perlula nk mandi awl2.haha,ak nie mmg suke sesgt ngan citer2 disney original movie nie sbb citer depe byk yg best2,hero die pon bleh la thn hensemnyer,haha,sbb tue ak sukee tu,btw,thanks bebyk dkt tv3 sbb tygkan citer nie,i LOVE it so so much !

sinopsis citer dkt bwh nie ak jumpe dkt fb,naseb baek ade walaupon plot die x abis tapi at least ade gak la kan...

Christopher Wilde (Sterling Knight) is a famous pop star and teen idol, whose music is very successful all around the world. Sara Olson (Maggie Castle) of Kalamazoo, Michigan is an obsessive fan of Christopher Wilde who seeks to use her family's trip to Hollywood, California to visit her grandmother as an opportunity to meet him (Starstruck). Christopher, meanwhile, is on the brink of landing a movie deal and has agreed to remain out of the tabloids in order to prove that he is serious about landing the role.

Once in California, Sara convinces her younger sister Jessica (Danielle Campbell), to accompany her to a nightclub where he is rumored to be delivering a surprise performance for his pseudo-girlfriend Alexis Bender (Chelsea Staub). Sara leaves Jessica outside the club to watch the car while she goes inside in a futile attempt to meet Christopher (Shades). Fed up with waiting, Jessica leaves the car in search for Sara and meets Christopher when he hits her in the head while opening a door. Eager to avoid being caught by the paparazzi, Christopher takes Jessica to a hospital to be examined, then brings her to his house so that he can make an appearance for the film director (Hero). He then brings Jessica home, and Jessica allows him to stay in her grandmother's garage for the night when he learns the paparazzi have followed him.

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